Friday, February 27, 2009

Action Reaction

My eight year old son was in a heated debate with my 14 year old daughter this morning as they got ready for school. I didn't know how the argument began or what the subject matter was even about until he came up to me and said, "If my sister wasn't born would I have been born." I thought for about five seconds and said "No, you wouldn't have been born." No sooner had those words left my lips did I hear from behind the bathroom door "Ha, I told you so." I thought my son would be upset, but he accepted the fact and went about playing with his new Lego Police Station.

As I drove into work I thought about my response. I'll probably try to put a positive spin on my answer as we eat dinner tonight. But I still think I told the truth.

As in life as well as your business, everything you do has a consequence. Without having to do a Google search, I recall a saying, probably from some Chinese philosopher that said, "Even the little butterfly's wings that go up and down affect the air current half way around the world." What you do today... sending a thank you letter, making that phone call, or even worse, not making that phone call, all have a part, whether small or large, on your success.

The greatest ideas you may have are worth nothing without action. Knowledge is not power, but knowledge put into action is the greatest power of all.

Take action today.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Give It Up

With Ash Wednesday upon us, Catholics are preparing to celebrate the 40 days of Lent. Giving up sweets, being a little more considerate, and abstaining from the most private of bad habits, are the focus for many preparing for the Easter holiday.

Taking religion out of the equation, what are you prepared to give up to make more time and to save more money for acquiring new business and surviving this "recession"? Are you wasting your day on non-qualified leads? Should you scrap your old website for one that actually sells your product or service? Is your Yellow Page advertisement too big and expensive? Can you save a few dollars by not sending your four-color brochure to every Tom, Dick, and Harry?

Tough times calls for tough measures. Look around and see what you can cut out, eliminate, and scale down to make you and your company better, faster, and stronger.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Stamp Prices Rise

On May 11th the price of a first-class stamp will go up a couple more pennies to 44¢. This increase is just another indication that you should be taking more advantage of technology to reduce your business costs.

E-mail is the most obvious tool for you to reduce postage, paper consumption, and time. Pay those bills on-line rather than through the USPS. Print internal copies on the backs of already printed material or use those backs for scrap paper. Shut off computers when not in use.

Some of my personal money-saving tips include... shaking the toner cartridge so I get the very last drop out of it, reusing folders a dozen times over, reading my local newspaper on-line rather than subscribing, not buying pens or pencils until my supply is completely gone, and keeping all of my to-dos/appointments/bills in a three-ring binder (not only a money saving practice but a time saver as well).

That's my two cents worth of wisdom for today... you'll need it on May 11th when you visit the post office.