Thursday, July 5, 2007

Marketing Holidays

During yesterday's rainy Independence Day evening here in New Jersey, I caught a show on the Discovery Channel about fireworks and how much of a competition it has become for one city to out-do all others. The part of the show that I watched showed gi-normous fireworks celebrations in Las Vegas and Shanghai, albeit for different occasions (Vegas for New Year's, Shanghai for a big convention). Both displays were arranged by a company called Grucci, who are apparently one of the big dogs in this industry. And from the looks of things on HD TV, these fireworks displays were mightily impressive and must have been even more amazing sights in person.

Which is where marketing comes in. During the clip where the Las Vegas story unfolded, a spokesperson for the city came right out and said that Vegas wants to be the first place people think of when they think of New Year's celebrations and fireworks displays.

A.K.A.-- "unique selling proposition".

Undoubtedly, dozens, perhaps hundreds or even thousands of cities around the world have fireworks displays on New Year's Eve, but imagine what being the number one destination for fireworks on New Year's would mean to a city. Certainly a lot of media publicity and a boost in the almighty tourist pool, if nothing else, which ain't too shabby.

Maybe your company doesn't need fireworks to be the most well known in your industry, but what are you doing to be number 1?

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