Monday, August 18, 2008

Bigfoot Sighting

Two men claim they found the body of Bigfoot in the northern Georgia mountains. Unfortunately, they have not produced the body to the media for a closer inspection. Until then, the two will have to defend themselves with more press conferences and grainy photographs.

Are you defending your product or service with vague benefits to skeptical customers? Just like the two Georgians, you need proof to prove your value. Until then, you're company is a huckster too. You can weave a tall tale about how your product is better and will save the customer time and money, but until you can prove your value, you'd better keep your stuff in the freezer.

How do you prove your case? Real testimonials are good but visuals are the best marketing tools. Sure a brochure is nice, but with today's technology you had better capture your benefits on video. Show your product doing what it's claim to fame is and I can guarantee your closing ratio will soar high above the tallest trees in the forest.

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