Thursday, August 21, 2008

Phil Collins Divorce Facts (or Fax)

This post has nothing to do with Phil Collins' music so stop reading if you're a fan. I mention Phil Collins because I read about his recent divorce from his third wife Orianne Cevey and the ensuing $46.5 million dollar payout.

The tabloids say that Phil's settlement is the largest in British history, topping the Paul McCartney and Heather Mills divorce by a mere $2 million. It was also noted, and the real reason for this post, is that when Collins divorced his second wife, Jill Tavelman, he did it by fax!

Imagine getting that document.

To: Jill
From: Phil
Re: Divorce

Dear Jill,
I think we've reached a point in this relationship where it's OK for us to see other people. Talk to you soon!

Although Collins did the unthinkable by divorcing his wife via fax, he did utilize a powerful business communication tool that seems to be collecting a lot of dust in many offices around the world. Granted, the Junk Fax Prevention Act (JFPA), passed by Congress in 2005, has scared many away from using the machine, but it should not deter you if used properly.

Without going into great detail, the JFPA specifically states that a fax advertisement may be sent to someone with whom you've had an established business relationship (EBR) if the sender 1. obtains the fax number directly from the recipient, through, for example, an application, contact information form, or membership renewal form; 2. obtains the fax number from the recipient’s own directory, advertisement, or site on the Internet, unless the recipient has noted on such materials that it does not accept unsolicited advertisements at the fax number in question; and 3. has taken reasonable steps to verify that the recipient consented to have the number listed, if obtained from a directory or other source of information compiled by a third party.

If the sender had an EBR with the recipient and possessed the recipient’s fax number before July 9, 2005 (the date the Junk Fax Prevention Act became law), the sender may send the fax advertisements without demonstrating how the number was obtained.

Many current and former customers, therefore, can be solicited with special sales, discounts, and promotions via fax. Why not start today? Your offer may be the only one they receive this week.

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