Monday, August 11, 2008

Digital Variable Printing

DVP. Do you know what it means? If not, you better get updated on the latest printing technology.

DVP, or digital variable printing, is printing a small or large quantity of letters or postcards that are personalized with the recipient's name, product preferences, or company name. Personalizing your material makes the recipient feel that the sales message was created just for him or her. So instead of a postcard headline reading "Furniture Sale This Weekend", the new technology will allow you to say "Mary, We're Having an End Table Sale This Weekend That Will Match Your Leather Sofa You Bought Four Months Ago." See the difference!?

DVP is like the old mail merge feature in your word processing program. Try to use it whenever you can. The technology might be out of the price range for smaller companies, but those whose sales depend on frequent mailings may want to research printers that offer a quick payback period.

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