Thursday, June 7, 2007

Speaking of Longevity, This 'Bark' Is Time-Tested

So we've talked this week about the new Olympic logo's supposed "longevitity" and how great it will be for the London Games. And it's funny because, the logo really only needs to "last" a few months or so during the actual Games, but apparently a few months has now extended into a few years. But that's neither here nor there.

I'd rather focus on some genuine longevity. I am absolutely amazed by the longevity of everybody's favorite game show host, Mr. Bob Barker of the Price is Right. In fact, when you think of the Price is Right, your brain is immediately hard-wired to think about Bob Barker-- the two are forever intertwined after 35 years of game show fun. Now that's effective branding right there folks. Imagine choosing the exact right spokesperson-- or logo or slogan or other brand trait-- that lasts three-and-a-half decades! Other than the few elite companies who have maintained a strong, consistent, memorable brand, such as Coca-Cola or Wrigley, this is indeed a rarity.

But now the Price is Right will have to re-brand themselves with a new host. Yes, as you undoubtedly have heard, Bob Barker is retiring, after giving away an estimated $200 million in prizes, having won 17 Emmy Awards, and developing a cult of fans that traveled thousands of miles every year just to see him run a simple little show. Truly a marketer's dream.

After June 15th, Bob's last broadcast, the new game begins... that of replacing a long-lasting "brand" with a new one. Let's just hope that the powers that be at the Price is Right don't pick somebody who horrifies the show's fans and gives people epileptic seizures during a broadcast. That would just be plain bad.
P.S.-- Thanks Bob for all the memories... congrats on your retirement, but we'll miss you!

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