Monday, September 8, 2008

Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld in New Microsoft Ad

Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld star in a quirky new ad for Microsoft. I won't go into detail about the ad only to say that many in the technology blogosphere are calling it a dud.

I don't agree. I find it funny, maybe because I'm a big Seinfeld fan. So big, in fact, that our family regularly cracks Seinfeld references throughout the week. After such a display we often say "aren't we pathetic...still talking about a sitcom that left prime-time over eight years ago."

Seinfeld attracts. Gates attracts. And from a marketing perspective - "even bad PR is good PR." The ad, whether or not you like it, is getting people talking. Hey, I'm even talking about it.

I've mentioned PR before in previous posts. Generate some for your company. Throw something out there and see what sticks. No news to report? Why not send a release for one of your customers about how they utilize your product or service? Announce something new. Write about a trade show you've attended? Have you updated your website? Do you have new employees? Celebrating an anniversary? Given any speeches?

Be creative. And I think that's what the Microsoft ad is trying to accomplish. Be a little different, get people talking, and sooner or later, sell more product.


Merelyme said...

I have heard so much about this commercial but I still haven't seen it. Do they not show it very frequently?

Dave Z. said...


You can see the Gates/Seinfeld commercial at

Dave Z.