Friday, September 19, 2008

Talk Like A Priate Day

Attention mates... I mean marketers! If you want to create a new business opportunity why not make a special day all for yourself. Did you know that September 19th is known as "Talk Like a Pirate Day"? Started by two guys who wanted to have a little fun with their friends, the party was haphazardly mentioned by syndicated columnist, Dave Barry, about seven years ago. It has now blossomed into a unique business venture that puts money into the pockets of the originators via books, t-shirts, appearances, and CDs.

The flower industry is a great example of creating special days. Besides the standard Mother's Day and Valentine's Day, many of us are buying flowers on Secretary's Day, Grandparent's Day, and dozens of other "Days". See the pattern here?

If I was in the plumbing business I would create a Drain My Water Heater Day. If I was a web designer I would create a Check My Website Statistics Day. If I sold tires I would develop a Check Your Tread Depth Day. If I owned an auto detailing shop I would start a How Shiny Can I Get My Car Day? If I owned a vineyard I would have a Try a New Vintage Day. If I was a printer I would have a Check My Supply Day. If I sold carpet I would have a How Dirty Is My Carpet Day. The list can go on and on.

What "Special Day" can you develop for your business? Write me back with your ideas.


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GeekyQuill said...

I'd settle for "pick up your own damn socks" day followed closely by "somebody besides me, please learn to load the dishwasher" day.

LOL Can you guess my occupation?