Thursday, July 24, 2008

Target Marketing

Do you consider yourself a specialist? If I looked at your client or customer list, is there a segment of that list that tends to favor a certain demographic? For example, if you own a rental equipment company, do you find that most of your customers rent scissor lifts? If your business is catering, do most of your customers ask for seafood? If you have an auto body shop, do people come to you because you do the best work on foreign cars? Do you see any pattern?

Some of the most successful businesses are those that specialize in a specific industry or market. "Oh, you just have to go see (insert your name here) because (he/she) is the best with (insert your product or service name here)," is the ultimate advertising anyone can get.

So take an hour this weekend and focus your efforts on some of your key customers and profile them the best you can. Try to develop your next marketing campaign based on how this group would buy, i.e., time of year, quantity, most popular item, etc.

Develop a laser focus and target your market.

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