Wednesday, July 2, 2008

"They Said" Publicity

I have a relative who is engaging, spirited, and always “in the know” about every topic imaginable. She can rattle off the best travel destinations this month, how many International Units of Vitamin D you need to take daily, and even the make and model of the Japanese automobile with the best gas mileage.

When asked about her uncanny knowledge her response is always “That’s what they said.”

But who are “they?” For my relative it’s the newspaper, People Magazine, Entertainment Tonight, Better Homes and Gardens, the six o’clock news, and even the Regis and Kelly television show. She loves these magazines, reads newspapers from cover to cover, listens intently to the handsome newscaster at 6pm, and idolizes Regis Philbin (“he’s so cute for an older man”).

What she doesn’t know is that many of these media outlets are assisted by people like us – press agents, publicity counselors, marketing professionals, and advertising agencies. Many times we are submitting stories, sending press releases, generating story ideas, and “working the room” to get our client’s message to the masses.

Look in your local newspaper right now and if you see a byline that reads “From Staff Reports” I can almost guarantee the information came from an “outside” source (a.k.a. me).

The bottom-line is to start generating publicity and news for your business. Did you attend a seminar? That’s news. Did your company celebrate an anniversary? That’s news. Buy a new machine? News. Develop an innovative way to do something faster or cheaper? News. You get the picture.

Major Point: If your business is specialized you must develop targeted lists to receive your information - you don’t want to send a press release on how your thermoplastic pressure regulator has a redesigned rolling diaphragm seal to the editor of Soap Opera Digest – far-fetched, but I think you understand.

“They” say publicity is a powerful, income-producing tool for business, why not start making some money with it.

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