Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Timing Is Everything, Even With Postcards

In sales, timing is everything. When do you send a product catalog? How many times do you try to reach a prospect? Should you keep calling a potential client to set up a meeting? When do you mail a postcard?

The answer is not simple, but then again it is. Keep trying until you get a response. If you get a "yes", congratulations. If you get a "no", bow out gracefully but try again at a later date and start the process all over again.

One of the most simple and least intrusive marketing campaigns are postcards. The reason? 1.) Your "benefits" message can be seen without any effort of the prospect. 2.) They usually get in front of the recipient. 3.) They're inexpensive. 4.) If you mail them on a regular basis sooner or later they'll reach the prospect at the exact time they need your product or service.

Try postcards in conjunction with your next marketing and advertising campaign and reap the power of such a simple and time-tested concept.

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