Friday, July 11, 2008

There's Not Enough Time to Run My Business

If there was ever one main reason why entrepreneurs fail it's because they try to to everything themselves. I feel sorry for the sole proprietor who attempts to be their own accountant, secretary, sales manager, webmaster, and shipping clerk. It just can't be done, and sooner, rather than later, frustration, disappointment, and desperation set in.

Technology can help with many of the daily grinds that entrepreneurs encounter - there's QuickBooks for accounting, Microsoft Office for secretarial duties and sales, and programs such as Dreamweaver for website design. But the learning curve can be challenging for most, especially in the website design category. That's why I get so excited about our website and design services at Check it out. Created with the entrepreneur in mind, it's a low-cost way to jump-start your business.

This weekend, peruse the site and call our office on Monday. A real, live person will actually answer the phone. If we don't it means we're helping a fellow entrepreneur on another line. But be assured that we will call you back.

Next week... why returning messages quickly results in more business.

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