Thursday, July 3, 2008

Video + Blog = Vlog

So you have your company's website up and running. Great.
You've added pictures. Good.
You've initiated a blog utilizing or Nice.
You've uploaded a vlog. A what!?!?

A vlog is the latest technological advance that businesses are using to capture audience share on the Internet. "Vlog" is an acronym of the two words "video" and "blog", a.k.a. online video.

Although around since 2003, vlogs have not become mainstream because Internet speeds were too slow to allow people to 1.) download them quickly and 2.) to view them without skipping or freezing mid-frame. But with the proliferation of broadband connections, "vlogging" is the cutting-edge tool to use on your website. According to industry reports, the Top 5 online video websites are,,,, and Check them out... you'll be amazed.

So what does this all mean? Your customers expect to see your product in action - "How does it work?" - "Can I use (insert your product's name) for my particular application?" - "How do I put (insert your product's name again) together?"

Just like the fax machine, sooner or later everyone has one. With vlogging, you better get used to it sooner rather than later because it's a technology that's going to be around for a very long time.

Here's a great example...

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